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After celebrating their passion for racing at the Bellevarde finish area in Val d’Isère four years ago, the Band of Heroes took off for a new adventure in Kitzbühel.

This time around, our legendary band has come together to encourage the next generation of heroes, sharing in the fervor of competition in a fun improvised race at the top of the world’s most famous race course, the Streif in Kitzbühel.

To make sure the festivities are better than ever, the Band of Heroes has expanded to include champions from all horizons, whether biathletes, cross-country skiers, disabled skiers or freestylers.

When they’re together, age and medals won no longer matter, only hopes and dreams remain. When they’re together, there is an indescribable joy sharing in the thrill and excitement at the start, in the exhilaration that comes with speed, in the elation felt when sliding on snow, in the fire that burns during an effort, and in the blaze to victory.

It is for and with our Band of Heroes that we continuously focus on performance and innovation to develop the best possible gear so as to provide them with the means to achieve their dreams, share and deliver their passion and to experience life to the fullest.




Rossignol band of heroes



An evolution of World Cup racing innovation, Rossignol’s patented new LCT construction harnesses pure power and energy, delivering fluid stability in all conditions. Featuring a central “power rail” integrated from tip-to-tail, LCT eliminates counter-flexing of the ski to ensure consistently smooth stability and dynamic control of your line.






band of heroes skiboot


Powered by the new Dual Core technology. Giant Slalom World Champion and winner of the GS WorldCup 2017 with Tessa Worley.

band of heroes helmet


The best protection for our Band of Heroes. The HERO 9 IMPACT’S FIS, as all our racing helmets, features the IMPACT’S TECHNOLOGY, which enables the helmet to retain many shocks thus providing longer absorption properties and better protection over time to the skier.

band of heroes skis


The new HERO Elite ST Ti is a fullthrottle SL ski for technical skiers. New LCT Technology provides instantaneous feel, better grip, higher control. The World Cup titanal sandwich construction delivers rock-solid stability and power with a modern slalom sidecut providing agressivness and efficiency. A powerful, precise and perfectly balanced carving machine, the new HERO Elite ST Ti is designed for groomed snow enthusiasts, shorter turn shapes, and carving trenches at speed.
100% Racing.



Rossignol band of heroes



Next winter sees the launch of a totally redesigned Expert range, with a Premium Classic model that was previously only available for Skating. Thanks to the expertise of our World Cup racers, and to the tests they carry out, Rossignol is offering an innovative model that will bring even greater performance. The Skating model has not been forgotten: its structure has been improved too, for a superior glide.



band of heroes shoe


The combination of the different rigid and flexible materials guarantees this boot all the flexibility necessary for the practice of the classic technique combined with a lateral stability for a perfect control.

band of heroes skis


Premium Classic carries the racers into a new dimension. Its innovative construction, its new geometry, its new lightened tip, its active edge concept make it even easier to perform without any compromise. 3 versions: C1 for cold powder snow, C2 for all snow conditions, and C3 for “klister” snow.

band of heroes poles


Shaft 100% Carbon UHM, for the best lightness and rigidity, ergonomic strap for strong efficiency, grip in natural cork for comfort, switchable basket for adaptation to each kind of snow condition.



Rossignol band of heroes


For many, it was their first time in Kitzbühel. Even though the Austrian resort does not host women’s World Cup events, it still figures as one of skiing’s major epicenters, a place that simply counts more than others, a legend! Riding the lift with Henrik Kristoffersen in the gondola cabin that now bears his name, right after its dedication, was an incredible moment, even for two-time world champion Tessa Worley, “Winning in this legendary place has to be truly amazing, you must feel so much emotion and just a little bit like a part of history…” In this gondola cabin, Henrik was excited, and you could feel that he wanted us to share in his excitement.


Rossignol band of heroes

Skiers always get along quickly, whatever the discipline, location, or atmosphere. They share a lot in common, from a passion for sliding on snow to the excitement of being on the race course, from tuning their gear to perfection to the euphoria of winning, from training hard to the introspective mental work each athlete undertakes.

Last but not least, there is the simple magic of snow and winter, the common denominator among them all.

Rossignol band of heroes


Two exceptional athletes. Two different disciplines.

Two major personalities in the world of winter sports. French athletes Jean-Baptiste Grange and Martin Fourcade got together for a few hours to talk about what they have in common: a passion for competition and winning, and the pleasure of reliving everything that has thrilled and inspired them over the last few seasons. Before they launch into the next, which already promises to be packed with events and emotions.


Rossignol band of heroes


Coming to Kitzbühel right after the end of the season is like visiting an empty Maracana Stadium while reflecting on the amazing atmosphere created by the place; so many of the sport’s historic moments taking place right there.

Here in Kitzbühel, the door into the magical world of the Streif is the start house. Everyone wanted to see what it was like to be standing at the summit of this veritable diving board, staring down the Face. “We wanted to experience the myth and see for ourselves if the start of the Streif was just as intimidating as on TV… We were not disappointed! We couldn’t leave without capturing the moment…” admitted Nina Loeseth.



Rossignol band of heroes

In the centre of the picture, Henrik Kristoffersen (1) is really fired up. Having won the 2016 Slalom and finished second in 2014 in Kitzbühel, the Norwegian is reflecting proudly on these achievements while keeping an eye on young American prodigy River Radamus (2) who has just won silver in the Combined at the Junior World Championships. Behind him Federica Brignone (3), fifth in the overall rankings at the 2017 World Cup, is enjoying the general buzz with one of the young skiers from the Kitzbühel Ski Club, Felix Hofer (4). Over to the left, there’s no stopping the two freestyle skiers Ben Valentin (5), placed second in the Half-Pipe World Cup, and Perrine Laffont (6), Moguls world champion, who can’t wait to set foot on the legendary, fearsome Streif!


Rossignol band of heroes

For many this was their first opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere at one of the most awe-inspiring descents in competitive skiing, and to get a real feel for this place that radiates the spirit of competition. Under the watchful eye of the experienced Carlo Janka (1), who finished third here in Kitzbühel in 2016, cross-country skiing world champion Federico Pellegrino (2), disability skiers Marie Bochet (3), holder of 15 international gold medals, and the Canadian Alexis Guimond (4), a bronze medallist at the last World Championships, join in to cheer on the young racers. Meanwhile, Michelle Gisin (5), silver medallist in the Combined in St Moritz in 2017, is helping the young skier from Serre-Chevalier Louis Luftman (6) to scrape his skis while Kira Weidle (7), third in the Downhill at the Junior World Championships, is preparing the piste for the next racer.


Rossignol band of heroes

The Streif start house. The young Austrian Lena Schwarzenauer (1) is ready to spring out of the start gate. To her right, Didier Defago (2), a previous Downhill winner at Kitzbühel, and Olympic champion in 2010, has his hand on her shoulder while he gives her some final instructions. Behind her, Leif Kristian Haugen (3) who has recently won his first international medal in the Giant Slalom, is watching closely, ready to cheer Lena on when starter Naomine Iwaya (4), a gold medallist at the 1986 Asian Games, sets her on her way. Up on the roof, Jean-Baptiste Grange (5), a double world champion in the Slalom who has recently come back to Rossignol, is enjoying the moment alongside the promising Swiss skier Lara Baumann (6).


Rossignol band of heroes

To the right of the official World Cup start house there is a “secret” area that only a few skiers are privileged enough to access. The most senior figure in the photo, Roland Collombin (1), who won on the Streif in 1973 and 1974, is remembering these exceptional achievements. Norwegian cross-country hopeful Ragnhild Ronning (2) and talented downhill skier Thomas Dressen (3) are savouring the atmosphere at the start. Just below them, Jure Kosir (4), a bronze medallist in the Slalom at the 1994 Olympics, is helping the young Giovanni Bertolotti (5) with his warm-up.


Rossignol band of heroes

A young Kitzbühel Ski Club skier has just raced past, so now the piste needs tidying up! Two-time Junior world champion Nadine Fest (1) is tightening a gate while 2016 World Cup Slalom winner Frida Hansdotter (2) is fixing the next one with her drill with 1998 Olympic champion Hans Petter Buraas (3) looking on in amusement. To mark the occasion, he’s sporting the same hair colour as back then!


Rossignol band of heroes

The most dedicated fans on the competitive ski circuit would appreciate this scene. The three German members of Team Rossignol are giving it their all to cheer on the young racers from Kitzbühel Ski Club. Biathlon world champion Simon Schempp (1) is ringing a bell for all he’s worthwhile below him Stefan Luitz (2) and Linus Strasser (3) – with five World Cup podiums between them – can’t contain their enthusiasm. Behind them, the experienced Christof Innerhofer (4), second in the Downhill at Kitzbühel in 2017, is shouting encouragement with local girl Emma Hofer (5) on his shoulders.


Rossignol band of heroes

Clearly excited and delighted, Tessa Worley (1) Giant Slalom world champion and 2017 winner of the discipline’s Globe, Nina Loeseth (2) with seven World Cup podiums, and Michael Matt (3) with three podiums to his name are relishing this shared moment on the Kitzbühel slopes. Right next to them six-time overall Biathlon World Cup winner Martin Fourcade (4) is watching the race keenly, ready to share his vast experience with the young skiers.







Rossignol band of heroes