Accessories Kid's GRIPWALK SOLES

Подошвы стандарта Gripwalk для юниорских моделей.
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Color :000
Indicative price : 35,99 €

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Details of Kid's GRIPWALK SOLES


Подошвы стандарта Gripwalk для юниорских моделей.

Why choose the Kid's GRIPWALK SOLES


Our design signature is tied to our century old ski heritage, offering strong iconic and meaningful codes.
All marked by the iconic rooster logo and by the famous blue, white and red signature, our timeless styles are recognizable and true to this brand heritage.
The two parallel stripes symbolize the skis, the two tracks on the ski slopes and are an emblematic reference to our deep universe.
Brightly contrasted, the 2 stripes give a modern and bold style to contemporary sportswear & skiwear while the blue-white-red version of the colored stripes turn into the iconic French flag to embody our roots and to offer a timeless and elegant style.